Sunday, May 07, 2006

Summer's Coming

I can tell that the year is ending over by my quiet lakeshore dorms. Those red carts, sitting around to help people move their stuff out, remind me of the day we all showed up back in August. It went fast, that's for sure; the year passing so quickly reminds me that November 7th is coming at the same pace.


Terrace in the Summer.

Our last Students for Equality meeting, which focused on the first couple weeks at the beginning of next semester, centered a lot on getting new incoming students informed about the amendment and interested in our group. With multiple lit drops, mailbox stuffers, meetings, and Speakers Trainings planned for the fall, I'd be disappointed if every freshmen hadn't heard the words "Students for Equality" at least once by the time October rolled around. Be sure to check in on our events page during the coming days and weeks to see what we're up to over the summer and at the beginning of next semester.

A lot of our plans also involve our growing list of coalition members! Our most recent additions, Advocates for Choice, Voices for Planned Parenthood, the University of Wisconsin Department of Curriculum and Instruction, and the University of Wisconsin School of Social Work, will all be crucial and influential in our goal of educating campus about the ban. Even though summer is coming quickly, we hope that student organizations will continue to join the fight for equality during the hotter Wisconsin months.

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