Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dear Friends...

Two days ago I got back from being a camp counselor in Western Michigan. It was my eighth summer up there, so there wasn't much surprise as to the layout or expectations of the camp. When I was leading, I taught a small class that debated different controversial issues in the US political scene. Things like abortion, gun control, and the death penalty all led to passionate discussion, even with 13 year old boys sharing their own personal convictions. The sides were usually split half and half; some taking the more "conservative" stance, the others the more "progressive."

What does this have to do with Students for Equality? On the last day, we were supposed to discuss gay marriage, but not one single camper believed that gays didn't deserve all of the rights and responsibilities that straight couples enjoy. It was the only topic we discussed where a unanimous opinion was reached.

As the fall season gears up, and the SFE crew starts getting ready for the long fight we've got over the next couple months, it gives me confidence to see that these young people already understand the need for equality. It also gives me motivation by reminding myself that our efforts, now, could very well save them a longer struggle later in time.

We've got a golden opportunity. Have you recently said "I wish I was more active" or "They've got a point" or even "I don't agree with gays getting married, but the amendment just goes to far!"? Then now is your time.

Students for Equality needs your help, but don't let that confuse you. It's those campers and the future families of Wisconsin that you will be fighting for.

"Once again into the breach, dear friends." Henry V III.I.1

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