Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's Coming...

Last night, a group of us at Students for a Fair Wisconsin went out chalking for the first time this fall. We had a great turn out and a fantastic time chalking for our kickoff. And our chalking looked fabulous - like this one on State Street Mall:


Chalking on State Street Mall.

It says:
Extreme politicians have been playing politics with the lives of real people for too long!
  • In 19 states, they forced anti-gay amendments on the ballot to get re-elected.

  • In 19 states, they tried to turn people against each other.

  • In 19 states, it worked.

  • This November, it stops here.
We have the power to make history.

Students for a Fair Wisconsin

Kicks off
Thursday, September 7
7:30 pm, TITU

Be there.

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