Monday, July 24, 2006

Too Much Silence

The Students for Equality Blog has been strangely silent of late. (Nothing has been posted for over three weeks now!) And for that silence, I must apologize. I was out of town for much of the week of July 4, and once I returned, things began to heat up at Fair Wisconsin, where I’ve been spending almost all of my free time this summer. Between that and my regular job, I’ve not had the time to provide an update, so let me try to fill you in on what has been happening.

I have been spending my time at Fair Wisconsin divided between two tasks. The first has been ensuring that the walking lists are prepared and mailed in time for the canvasses happening in the many Action Networks throughout the state. The second has been working to place stories in labor-related newspapers around the state, to try to reach out to union members with our message. Both have been quite exciting, but have taken a great deal of time and attention.

As for Fair Wisconsin, you may or may not have noticed, but they’ve gone on TV throughout the state. In fact, their second ad debuted today. (Both ads can also be seen on YouTubehere and here.) In addition to that, Fair Wisconsin has been and continues to hire a great deal of new staff. And there was this brief bit of “controversy” over the opposition, Vote Yes for Marriage. (And while you’re at it, check out Mike Fitzpatrick’s wonderfully entertaining piece on the opposition’s logo.)

Finally, in Students for Equality news, we had a meeting last Monday, July 17, to discuss how we are going to win campus this fall. Though nothing is finalized, we have begun developing our plan of how we will make sure every student knows exactly what the proposed ban on civil unions and gay marriage entails and how to vote no on it come November 7. Part of it may include this blog, and we may be seeking writers for the fall. We'll see what happens.

There are some exciting things in the works; stay tuned here, and we’ll keep you posted. And get ready, because come fall, we’re going to take campus by storm, and with your help, we are going to make sure that every student knows why and how to vote no on the ban!