Monday, October 02, 2006

Recent Student Media Coverage

As you can see from our student press page, we've been getting a ton of coverage in student newspapers around the state lately.

The Badger Herald covered our weekend faith canvass and a press conference held by the Madison Equal Opportunities Commission and city leaders to encourage Wisconsinites to vote against the ban. Speakers included Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, who explained how the ban would harm Madison:

The Madison Chamber of Commerce opposes this amendment because they understand that it’s anti-economic development and it’s anti-prosperity. We live in what is virtually a full-employment economy here in Madison. We cannot afford to exclude or to turn down anybody in our community.

The Daily Cardinal has written about faith groups around the state that oppose the ban and an earlier piece about our new ad campaign featuring the story of Lynn and her family. They also ran this editorial that describes in greater detail the potential effects of the ban on families like Lynn's.

Editorials also appeared in The Marquette Tribune describing how the ban could affect domestic violence cases and in the UW-River Falls Student Voice asking for equal marriage rights for all. In that piece, Ben Jipson writes:

Equal civil rights are guaranteed to every law-abiding citizen in our country. Homosexuals should be able to have the same marital benefits, responsibilities and opportunities as everyone else under the law, and that is a Constitutional right. If there is any justice in this country, 50 years from now gay marriage and civil union bans will be seen as an embarrassing blemish of our nation’s history.

Finally, letters to the editor appeared in The Racquet at UW-La Crosse (here and here), and we even found one printed a few weeks ago in The Oracle at Hamline University in St. Paul

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